3M Trizact Fine Finishing Disc (150mm)

  • P3000 designed for refining scratches made by P1200/P1500 grade abrasive.
  • 3M Trizact™ technology ensures long life and consistent finish.
  • For paint rectification. Used correctly with water and followed by 3M compounds abrasive scratches will not re appear.


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3M’s unique Trizact™ technology utilises a pyramid structure of multiple layers of fine grade abrasive mineral particles. New mineral is continuously exposed resulting in a long life and a consistent finish. 3M Trizact™ Fine Finishing Disc P3000 is designed to be used specifically in the paint rectification process.
Patterned, precise mineral structures give Trizact™ abrasives the combination of fast cut and consistent finish every time. Use P1000 foam blending discs for scuff sanding blend panels prior to painting. Use P1500 clearcoat sanding discs for leveling dust nibs and sanding of mismatched orange peel. Finally, use P3000 foam disc for removing P1200-P1500 grade sand scratches prior to use of 3M™ Perfect-It™ polishing system. Foam disc used in a spot repair system for removing sanding scratches before using rubbing compound.