Carpro Cube samples kit! 16 x 50ml samples

Products included:

  • CarPro Bugout
  • CarPro Ech2o
  • CarPro Elixir
  • CarPro Eraser
  • CarPro Fogfight
  • CarPro Hydro2 Foam
  • CarPro Hydro2 Lite
  • CarPro Inside
  • CarPro Iron X LS
  • CarPro Multi X
  • CarPro PERL
  • CarPro Reload
  • CarPro Reset
  • CarPro Spotless
  • CarPro Tar X
  • CarPro TriX



The products in this kit are all 50ml (2oz) sizes. For some this is enough to test, and for others enough to use on 3-4 cars for thorough testing! This kit should be enough product to produce a full carpro detail on your vehicle (you may need more fallout for heavily contaminated cars) With products for cleaning and decontamination along with interior cleaning, and paintwork and wheel protection.

What’s Inside:
• Eraser (Intensive Oil & Polish Cleaner)
• Spotless (Water Spot Remover)
• Perl (Water Based Silicon Oxide Coat)
• HydrO2 LITE (Wipe-Less Silica Spray)
• IronX LS (Powerful Iron Contamination Cleaner)
• Reset (Intensive Car Shampoo)
• TarX (Powerful Tar & Adhesives Remover)
• Reload (Silica Spray Sealant)
• Fog Fight (Anti fog glass sealant)
• Elixir (High Gloss Quick Detailer)
• Ech02 (Waterless wash and QD concentrate)
• Multi X (All purpose cleaner)
• Inside (Leather and interior cleaning agent)
• Hydrofoam (Foaming silica sealant)
• TR.IX (combined tar and fallout remover)