Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish Ultra Slick (16oz)

  • Reduces static charge on the surface allowing for maximum repellentancy of dirt.
  • Reduces friction which limits the static charge on the vehicle’s surface.
  • Optimal for hand or machine applications.
  • Works on glass, stainless steel, fiberglass, wheels and chrome.
  • Protects at a nanotech scale by bonding molecules to your paint.


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Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish is the unique gloss-magnifying glaze that takes any vehicle’s shine to the next level! Wet Mirror Finish is the unique glaze that cleanses light stains and water spots from paintwork to enhance the look of any car. Use Wet Mirror Finish to fill light swirls and scratches, and enhance the bright shine and deep-wet reflection on any color paintwork. Wet Mirror Finish makes any car look like a mirror! Use Wet Mirror Finish to add extra shine, depth, and reflection to your brand new or well used car. Apply Wet Mirror Finish by hand or machine for fantastic results. Wet Mirror Finish is blended with durable UV blockers that protect your paint from harmful solar rays that can damage and fade the paint finish over time. Top Wet Mirror Finish with your favorite Chemical Guys sealant or wax to lock in the exclusive deep-wet reflection and bright shine for months on end. Use Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish for a bright and deep reflective shine that lasts and lasts.

Weight 700 kg