Menzerna 500 Fast Gloss (1 L)

  • Menzerna Fast Gloss S500 is one of the best aggressive cutting compounds currently available.
  • Use with a rotary machine polisher for random orbital.
  • Sufficient to easily do at least 1 large car.


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Menzerna FastGloss 500 is a superb, aggressive cutting compound, perfect for quickly cutting back heavily swirled and scratched paintwork of all types. It is to be used with care due to the speed it will work at – a paint depth gauge is useful to have the use of. 
It contains no fillers, and therefore produces no dust which makes a long work time easily possible. FastGloss 500  contains a good oil content so is well lubricated. And you will be able to clearly see your results and assess if you need further passes. 


Weight 1000 kg