Nanoskin Wool Buffing Pad 4″ x 2

  • 100% Genuine Nano Wool Exclusively from Japan
  • Shrink-Proof Coated
  • Soft Foam Base (Plate)



100% Genuine Nano Wool Exclusively from Japan

Nano Wool Buffing Pad is made of 100% high grade & high strength and natural super ultrafine wool which performs uniformly. The base of the pad uses a soft slight taper angle and is made of urethane that saves working time. The flexible wool material produces a flawless “compolishing” performance. This pad is flexible to use, and leaves slight swirl marks, which means you can complete the finish buffing quicker than using other pads. The length of pipe is long and formulated for aggressive power and usability. It is recommended for large areas.

Shrink-Proof Coated
7/8″ Pile
The wool fibers are specially-shrink-proof coated to maintain their flexibility. The material allows for more washing and has high durability for continuous use.

Soft Foam Base (Plate)
The soft foam base is effective for buffing especially, on curved surfaces, For multipurpose use.
Allows operators to work on any painted surfaces with great flexibility