Poorboys Natty`s Black Paste Wax (8oz)

  • Natty’s Paste Wax Black takes depth, shine and colour enhancement to the next level, in the famous Poorboys pricing that only they do so well.
  • We found Natty’s Black is actually great on all dark colour finishes but is truly exceptional on black paint.
  • The final result you’ll get with Poorboys a Natty’s Black is dripping wet.


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The final result you’ll get with Poorboys a Natty’s Black is dripping wet, highly reflective and and stunning deep shine. Natty’s Black is best applied over Poorboys Black Hole Show Car Glaze, the combination produces an unbeatable shine and depth that is unsurpassed and application is easy enough for anyone to get the best shine possible on a show car or a daily driver. The make up of Natty’s Black car wax is a special blend of 100% Brazilian Carnauba Wax and UV Absorbers for superior protection from the elements. Natty’s Black allows you to lay down a nice thin even layer of the wax and each jar should provide over 20 applications on a standard size vehicle. Like all Poorboy’s World waxes, Natty’s Black Paste Car Wax is an easy to use, wipe on, wipe off formula that can be applied in the sun or in the shade (although we always advise using the latter). Muting of metallic or pearl in the finish may be observed and this is a result of the deepening and darkening and colour enhancement properties. Expect roughly 3 months protection on paintwork applied with Natty’s Black.