Soft 99 Kizu Pen White (7g)

  • Remove rust, wax, dirt and water drops in advance.
  • Apply it to the area being repaired as you fill in the scratches.
  • Continue until all the scratches are filled.
  • Afterward finish up with a polishing compound.


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All you need to do is just draw! It takes only 60 seconds to completely repair a scratch. You can use it both on car bodies and resin bumpers. This crayon type applicator allows you to apply it smoothly even on the vertical areas while filling the scratches.
Blended corrosion resistant agent prevents rust from occurring on the damaged parts. Although the process is very easy, this is an unbelievably high performance car repair item which can withstand up to 80℃ and its hardness and durability can only be removed by its own thinner. Polishing with compounds will help you get a more beautiful result.

Weight 100 kg